Independence & the Euro

Prof. Drew Scott

On Saturday 12 November 2011 the SNP welcomed the publication of an article by Drew Scott, Professor of European Union Studies at University of Edinburgh, which scotches speculation over Scottish independence and the euro.

Writing in the Scotsman Prof. Scott confirms: “It will fall entirely to the government of an independent Scotland to decide its own currency arrangements.
Your readers should rest assured that an independent Scotland inside the EU (but not the eurozone) will not be confronted with a multi-billion pound bill to support eurozone countries currently in difficulty with sovereign debt.”

Separately, speaking on BBC Newsweek Dr David Howarth, of the Jean Monnet Chair
in Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh said:
“No one would force Scotland to join the euro … Scotland would not be
forced to do anything that a Scottish Government doesn’t want
to do.”

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