Falkirk Labour Provost backs Fiscal Independence

Provost Pat Reid

The case for Fiscal Independence for Scotland took a dramatic turn for the better in local politics when Falkirk’s first citizen, Provost Pat Reid, dramatically backed the policy during a council committee meeting on 15 November.

 Provost Reid was speaking during a debate on Public Sector Pensions where he condemned the Westminster Government and praised the SNP Government in Edinburgh for their stance in protecting public sector workers.

Provost Reid also took a swipe at his own party’s stance describing the current devolution settlement as “half hearted devolution.”

 Provost Reid’s support for Fiscal Independence was welcomed by Falkirk Council’s Depute SNP Group Leader, Tom Coleman who said,

When Labour stalwarts like Pat Reid fall in behind the drive for real financial freedom for Scotland you know the political earth is moving ahead of the referendum on our country’s future.

 Labour leaders are offering nothing to their members other than negativity and the awful practice of talking Scotland and its people down.

 The choice is fast becoming one of a free Scotland following a socially just agenda or the cut and burn policies of the Westminster parties.

 Provost Reid has recognised that Labour leaders are out of touch with the mood of the Scottish people as they seek to deny and frustrate the people’s desire for more control of our own affairs.

 Who knows, when he considers that with full independence we can rid Scotland of nuclear weapons, prevent our troops from being sent to fight illegal wars and be a positive voice for peace Provost Reid may take that extra step?”


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