SNP Comment on Election Report

Cllr David Alexander

Commenting on the Electoral Reform Society’s report into this years Scottish Eelections, SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

“The enthusiasm of voters to back the SNP’s record, team and vision for Scotland was so strong it managed to deliver an SNP majority government against a system this report admits “stacked the odds against” the SNP.

There are some welcome conclusions in this report which shows that this result was more proportionate than the previous election and that the  problems  faced in 2007 have been resolved.

The problem this report does not address in its recommendations is that control of Scotland’s voting system is held firmly at Westminster.

The SNP has long argued for fairer voting however what this years results show is that regardless of the system people vote for the party that best represents their views and ambitions.”


The 2011 Scottish Parliament Election – In depth (page 2) “The proposal to elect the new parliament via a form of proportional representation stacked the odds against the possibility of the SNP winning an overall majority in the new institution.”

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