65% Would Back Independence For Just An Extra £1.37 A Day – New Poll

Cllr David Alexander

TWO thirds of Scots would vote in favour of  Independence if it were to make them just £500 a year better off, a remarkable new poll for the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey has found according to a story in the Express today (Sunday).

Figures due to be published tomorrow show the price of Independence is a relatively modest £42 a month – or £1.37 a day.

The poll will reveal that 65 per cent would back independence if it meant that everyone would be slightly wealthier.

The figures underline how much the SNP is winning the economic argument ahead of  the referendum vote.

SNP Council Group Leader David Alexander pointed out that Scots would in fact be £1,000 a year better off under independence – although the figures are naturally hotly disputed by Unionist parties who continue to talk Scotland down at every chance.

David said:

“Scotland puts far more into the London exchequer than we get back in return.

“The latest official figures show that Scotland generates 9.4 per cent of UK tax revenues compared with our 8.4 per cent of the population – equal to £1,000 extra for  every man, woman and child in Scotland, or double the figure referred to here.

“It all adds up to a winning case for independence.”

The Scottish Social Attitudes survey is expected to provide the clearest picture yet of the support for independence after the SNP’s landslide election victory. Last year, it found just 23 per cent wanted to break up the UK although a majority wanted more powers for the Scottish Parliament.



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