Labour & Tories Take First Step To Refuse Collection Privatisation

Cllr Steven Jackson

Falkirk Council’s discredited Labour / Tory / Independent Administration took a massive step towards the privatisation of the council’s Refuse Collection Service at the meeting of the full council on 5th December.

Despite the admission that the much vaunted “improvement plan was unlikely to be implemented before the private sector are being asked to tender for the service thus making it impossible for this to be properly evaluated before the private operator’s tenders are assessed.

In a heated debate SNP Councillor for the Lower Braes and spokesperson on Environmental matters, Steven Jackson accused Labour members of double standards for joining the strike against the UK Governments anti public sector policies while seeking to privatise council jobs.

The Labour plan is to issue tenders to private sector providers in February 2012 with a decision taken in August 2012 as to which company are to take over the service – Labour have stopped the in-house team from tendering for the contract.

 Said Cllr Jackson

 “First of all it was the Leisure Services staff who were punted off to a private trust now Refuse Collectors are about to be transferred to the private sector with all the problems that will bring.

 Wages will be cut, terms and conditions worsened and the trade unions marginalised.

 For the general public the service will get worse and Falkirk residents will have the same awful collections as the people of Edinburgh who have suffered since the previous Labour Administration in the city went down the privatisation road.

 What is clear for those who value public sector jobs remaining in the public sector that only the SNP will fight their corner.

 An SNP amendment that would have allowed the improvement plan to be implemented and assessed before any action is taken was defeated by 16 votes to 13.


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