BoS report shows commuters in Falkirk East can make savings on the cost of their homes

Angus MacDonald MSP

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has welcomed a report by the Bank of Scotland which highlighted that commuters who work in Edinburgh but live half an hour’s train ride away, such as in Falkirk East, can save up to 34% on the cost of their homes and 11% when commuting within half an hour of Glasgow.

The savings are substantial enough to offset the cost of an annual rail pass, which on average costs around £1700-£1800. The bank claimed the average house price in towns 30 minutes away such as Falkirk, Grangemouth and Polmont are £133,000 compared to £201,647 in Edinburgh.

Falkirk East residents, being mid way between Edinburgh and Glasgow, have the best of
both worlds, having the option for one member of a household to work in Edinburgh and another in Glasgow.

It remains to be seen whether improved transport links in the future, such as the Scottish Government financed Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme, will increase house prices in the local area. In Aberdeen, for example, house prices are significantly dearer in commuter areas such as Inverurie and Stonehaven than they are in the city itself.

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