Former Labour MP ‘would vote SNP if in Scotland’

Cllr David Alexander

Falkirk Council SNP Group Leader David Alexander has warmly welcomed remarks from a former Labour MP supporting the SNP.  The former Labour MP who left the party in disgust over the Tony Blair’s determination for the UK to be involved in the war in Iraq has said that if he lived in Scotland he’d back the SNP.

David Marquand, the political writer and historian from Oxford University, speaking to Newsweek on BBC Radio Scotland, today (Saturday) said:

 “I think I would vote SNP if I was in Scotland. I can entirely understand why a Scot would think it is a sensible thing to vote SNP in Scotland.”

He also explained how the constitutional future of the four countries that make up the UK has given Scots and Welsh a wider understanding over their identity, which was recently demonstrated following Prime Minister Cameron’s childish veto on Europe.

He said: “The forces that have encouraged devolution in Scotland – and maybe more than devolution – have largely been a reaction to the way that England has behaved. 

“This has been brought out very clearly by the reaction of First Minister and Welsh First Minister following David Cameron’s veto, saying that it is shocking that he did not consult either the Welsh or the Scottish Governments, which seems to me to be totally correct.

“As I understand in Scotland and Wales for centuries people have thought of themselves as Scottish or Welsh and British, and the idea that you can have a third identity is not so shocking in Scotland or Wales, but it does seem to be shocking and dreadful to people in England.”

David  said: “These comments from a former Labour MP and respected academic are further evidence of the realisation that The SNP are the
party for all of Scotland’s people and are committed to moving Scotland

 “Opposition parties in Scotland lack identity and ideas but the SNP have governed responsibly and laid out a clear plan for Scotland which matches the ambitions and aspirations of the people who live here.

“I also note Mr Marquand’s agreement that David Cameron was fundamentally wrong to act so dismissively of our friends in Europe
without speaking to either Scottish or Welsh Governments.”

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