UK Government To Investigate Minimum Pricing

Responding to reports in the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the UK  Government is to investigate the introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol,  SNP MSP Jim Eadie said: “There is a serious problem with cheap alcohol, not just in Scotland but  across the whole of the UK, and it is increasingly clear from all the evidence  and expert opinion that the introduction of a minimum unit price is essential in tackling our drinking culture and improving our health as a nation.

“It is good that David Cameron and the UK Government now appear to be seriously examining the possibility of minimum pricing in England, but is shocking that the Tories, the Liberals and Labour refused to put politics aside to introduce it in Scotland, where the problem of alcohol abuse is even more acute than it is south of the Border. With this latest development there can now be no excuses from the Tories in Scotland, who should agree with their colleagues down south by getting behind the policy here.

“However, with an SNP majority in the Scottish Parliament, minimum pricing  in Scotland will now become a reality.

“Alcohol costs our NHS millions of pounds of each year and much more in human misery – minimum pricing is not the silver bullet but does move us as a nation forward in a positive direction.”


Telegraph article:

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