SNP Blast Labour Over Spin On New Charges For Elderly People

Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn

Falkirk Council’s SNP spokesperson for Social Services has blasted Labour opponents after the Labour Party nationally issued a press statement criticising other aprties for increasing Social Services charges for the elderly when Labour led Falkirk Council were one of the first to do so.

Said Cllr Meiklejohn,

Several thousand local elderly and disabled people must have choked on their cornflakes at the sheer hypocrisy of New Labour and their spin machine.

When the SNP within Falkirk Council described the £1.4m of annual new charges levied against the elderly in Falkirk Council by the Labour / Tory coalition administration that had previously been delivered free by the SNP as a stealth tax we were shouted down.

Now it appears that the Labour leadership agree with us that the punitive charges are an attack on the elderly.”  

The campaigning SNP Councillor has now written o Labour Leader of Falkirk Council, Craig Martin, demanding an apology for the hardship caused to elderly and disabled people and clarification of what Labour’s actual position is on the matter of charges for such as Home Care and MECS.

She went on to say,

At best this was a cynical attempt by Labour to blame others for their actions and Cllr Marin should apologise to the elderly and disabled communities in Falkirk for the gut wrenching double standards.

Either Labour are opposed to their own charging regime in which case they should abolish them now or they should have the courage to admit that charging fro services such as the Homebound Shopping Service and Day Care is their policy and should be owned up to.”



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