Falkirk West MSP Welcomes Surge In SNP Membership

Michael Matheson MSP

Falkirk West MSP, Michael Matheson has welcomed the unprecedented surge in party membership this week following David Cameron’s blundering intervention into Scottish politics on Sunday. Party chiefs today (Saturday) confirmed that 784 new members had joined the SNP since last weekend, boosting party membership by 4% in just 5 days.Following the revelation that the Tory government plan to dictate the
terms of the independence referendum from London, new members have
been joining the SNP at a rate of one new member every nine minutes.

At the end of 2011 the SNP announced it had a record 20,000 members.
Two weeks later, the figure is touching 21,000.

One new member who tweeted that he had joined the SNP is mountaineer,
journalist and presenter on the Adventure Show Cameron McNeish.

Signing up on Wednesday, Mr McNeish tweeted “I guess it’s time to
stand up and be counted. Just joined the #SNP”

Speaking after he joined Mr McNeish added:

“I suppose with my background in the outdoors and a love and interest
in Scottish culture and music that goes way back to my youth the SNP
is my natural political home, but I’ve become increasingly concerned
with UK Governments who seem to exist for the prime reason of
protecting the interests of the City of London. For some time I’ve
felt it’s time to make a stand and I feel the present administration
in Scotland has shown that an SNP government is a good government. I
don’t agree with all the SNP policies but I’ve always felt the best
way to change opinion, and maybe policies, is from within, rather than
carp and whinge from outside the stockade. I’m immensely proud of my
country, as I think my television programmes demonstrate. I felt it
was time to do a little more to secure the future for my little
granddaughters, and their children’s children. And that future, as far
as I’m concerned, is an independent Scotland within Europe.”

SNP MSP Michael Matheson said,

The numbers of people going online to sign up to the SNP is simply
phenomenal, one new member every nine minutes.

David Cameron has one solitary Tory MP and he must recognise that interference in Scottish politics in a colonial governor like manner will create an even greater backlash as the surge in SNP membership this week have shown.

 However, the real disgrace is the affiliation of the Labour Party to the Tory led campaign for the status quo.

 It demonstrates not only how far they are from their own Home Rule roots and how they will always put their own ambitions and interests before those of the people.”

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