SNP Secure Pay Boost For Council Low Paid Staff

Cllr Gordon Hughes

SNP Councillors have succeeded in forcing the Labour / Tory coalition running Falkirk Council to honour the promise they made to low paid staff to introduce the £7.20p an hour Living Wage after council leaders withdrew the promise in December last year. The successful move came at Falkirk Council’s Policy and Resources Committee when it was reported to members that the council was forecasting an under spend of just under £1m.

Labour members were reminded of their previous commitment to implement the Living Wage policy be 31 December, a commitment dropped when staff refused to give up 2 days annual leave in return.

With 3 SNP members and 3 Labour members on the committee thee writing was on the wall for the Labour / Tory Administration when Independent Councillor, Robert Spears indicated his support for the SNP motion.

As of this the council’s chief executive has been instructed to bring forward a report on how the SNP policy will be implemented at the next meeting of the committee.

Policy and Resources SNP member, Gordon Hughes said,

Labour’s abandonment of low paid staff last December was one of the most shameful acts of this Labour / Tory Administration.

 Labour have continually put back the date of implementation despite claiming to have this as a priority for many years.

 Labour’s failure is against a background of a final year under spend of more than £4.3million last year and a further £1million projected under spend this year.

 Now thanks to the SNP the council’s leaders are being forced to walk the walk rather than talking the talk which ahs to be good for low apid staff..”

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