Scotland Close to Independence In Latest Poll

Georgie Thomson

Falkirk South SNP Councillor, Georgie Thomson, has welcomed a new poll commissioned by the New Statesman Newspaper that shows support for independence at 44% with the anti camp only a single % ahead on 45%.  With the commentum moving in favour of independence this has to be good news for thsoe with Scotland’s future at heart.Said Cllr Thomson

“It is clear that the tactics of talking down Scotland by the unionist parties has backfired in spectacular style.

The Newstatesman poll shows that it is the positive case of the SNP that is winning the day.

What is clear is that the old fears and smears the Labour and Tory Parties have used to keep Scotland down are no longer having the effect they used to which is good news for thsoe of us who are seeking a quality debate on our country’s future.”




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