SNP Membership Takes Another Boost Upwards

Stephen Carleschi

Card carrying membership and online support for the SNP has soared to an unprecedented high as Scotland’s referendum captures the imagination of the people of Scotland.
Since David Cameron’s chaotic intervention into Scottish Politics on 8th January – when on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show – 1,595 new members have joined the SNP increasing party membership by 8% in just three weeks.

On 25 Jan – the day Alex Salmond announced the Your Scotland Your Referendum consultation at Edinburgh Castle which included the wording of the referendum question – 46,684 online visitors logged onto Server memory had to be doubled to cope with global demand.

Online followers have increased by an average 25% in those 18 days and @AlexSalmond gained 1,800 followers in the last week alone.

Stenhousemuir SNP Councillor, Steven Carleschi said,

“Overall membership has increased by 8% nationally and locally they are flooding in..

At the end of 2011 the party had passed through the 20,000 barrier and it has been growing ever since.”

 The SNP website had over 46,000 visits to the website on Burns Day.  The appetite for information about the referendum and the SNP’s vision of independence shows how engaged the people of Scotland are with this debate.

Our new members will be made very welcome as there is always room for new members at this exciting time.

 Not only are we facing the prospect of removing this discredited Labour / Tory Administration within Falkirk Council but we are also beginning the campaign for the 2014 referendum.

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