SNP Reach Record High In Opinion Poll Ahead of Council Elections

Cllr Tom Coleman

The SNP has scored its highest ever recorded opinion poll lead of 26 per cent, in a stunning new poll released on the day the party revealed a record 18 candidates for the elections to Falkirk Council now less than three months away.

The Ipsos Mori poll shows that 49 per cent of voters would vote SNP in a Scottish general election. In contrast, Labour would be backed by just 23 per cent of voters, their lowest ever recorded poll rating.

A Holyrood election based on these figures would result in Labour retaining just one constituency MSP, while among the constituencies which would be won by the SNP are those of current and former Labour leaders Johann Lamont and Iain Gray.

The poll also shows that 58 per cent of Scots are satisfied with the performance of First Minister Alex Salmond, giving him a positive poll rating of +22. The other Scottish party leaders and Prime Minister David Cameron, in contrast, all score negative satisfaction ratings with Scottish voters.

SNP Depute Leader on Falkirk Council. Tom Coleman said,:

This is very good news for the SNP and those who want to see positive change within Falkirk Council.

It is clear that the people still have a high level of trust in the SNP to run the country and I have no doubt that will flow into the elections to our local authority where the pact that exists between Labour and the Tories is becoming increasingly unpopular.

Our task is to present a positive vision of what can be achieved with a council Administration working in partnership with not only the Scottish Government but also with the wider community in a way the isolationist current Administration have failed to do..

 Now that we have declared our intention to win these elections while Labour has already conceded they cant by selecting only 16 candidates for the 32 seats it is obvious which party is in advance mode and which is in retreat.”

For Holyrood these figures would see the SNP win 73 seats in the Scottish Parliament, while the other parties would be reduced to a rump.

The Labour Party sees their poll rating fall to their lowest ever level, which would reduce them to a single, solitary constituency in the Scottish Parliament. Scots voters obviously do not look kindly on the Labour/Tory pact to block Scotland’s right to self-determination.

The Ipsos Mori poll of 1,005 respondents results are:

SNP: 49%

Lab: 23%

Con: 13%

Lib: 10%

Gre: 3%

SSP: 1%

Ind: 1%

The projected Holyrood seats based on the poll is (2011 result in brackets):

SNP: 73 (+4)

Lab: 29 (-8)

Lib D: 11 (+6)

Con: 14 (-1)

Gre: 1 (-1)

Ind: 1

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