SNP Blast Labour’s “Dishonest” Budget

Cllr David Alexander

Falkirk Council’s last budget presented by the controlling Labour and Tory Coalition Administration has been described as “the last cynical and dishonest act of a discredited administration.”

The SNP point to four years of new charges for services such as Homecare, Pest Control and Blue Badges with the coalition administration refusing to use any of the council’s surpluses to lessen the impact on vulnerable people. However, just weeks before the council elections the Labour led administration have performed a u-turn and are set to use £3m of their estimated £12m reserves in a budget that sees all charges frozen.

SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

“The Labour / Tory coalition administration clearly have a very low opinion of the ability of the people to see through such a cynical and dishonest set of proposals.

 We have had four years of new and dramatically increased charges for services, the cost of school meals for example have rocketed by 70% in the four years since Labour and the Tories came to power.

 Now on the eve of the elections we have a  total freeze with over 25% of the council’s reserves being used to fund what can only be described as a panic reaction from an outgoing Administration that clearly has no credible strategy.

 What is clear is that if Labour and their Tory allies come back to power in May then we will be back to cuts and new charges for essential services as clearly there is no sustainable strategy for the use of reserves and maintenance of an affordable charging regime that does not penalise those with least.”

 In the last 4 years Labour and their Tory allies have constantly claimed they were forced into introducing new charges for services through underfunding from central government. The truth is that Labour have been pilfering the pockets of the elderly and disabled people in order to build up an election war-chest for themselves.

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