SNP Force U-Turn On Labour’s Cruellest Cut

Cllr Tom Coleman


Falkirk Council’s SNP  Group  have successfully reversed one of the most embarrassing cuts inflicted by the Labour / Tory Administration, the provision of free school meals for pupils at the  special needs Carrongrange School in Larbert.

Four years ago the council’s political administration scrapped the free meals for the pupils at Carrongrange to save a paltry £20,000 per year. Children from all over Falkirk district attend the school, making a home trip at lunchtime impossible.

Every year since, the SNP has sought to restore this service to this group of particularly vulnerable children but have been rebuffed on each occasion, until now.

SNP Education Spokesperson, Cllr Tom Coleman said,

“Removing the free school meals from this group of children was a clear demonstration that Falkirk Council’s Labour / Tory Coalition know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

 Since this shameful act there have been three opportunities to support the SNP in having this service restored, so why the u-turn now?

 Quite simply the reason why the Falkirk coalition accepted the SNP amendment this year and not any of the previous three SNP attempts is because we are weeks away from local elections.

Labour, Tory and Independent Councillors concerns were not for the children of Carrongrange but for their own electoral prospects.”

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