SNP Secure Parks & Young People Investment

Cllr John McNally

Sports and leisure within Falkirk district received a boost this week thanks to the SNP Group within Falkirk Council who secured an additional £150,000 on sports initiatives for young people and £160,000 on local parks.

The additional investment was the successful part of an full SNP alternative budget to the Labour / Tory coalition budget and welcomed by SNP Leisure Spokesperson, John McNally who said,

“Attendances at our sport centres are plummeting with young people in particular staying away in droves, which is an extremely worrying situation.

 Since the Labour / Tory coalition came to power in 2007 fees and charges have risen by around 40%  and I have no doubt this is a major factor in the deline in the numbers participating in sport.

 What the SNP are seeking is this investment to be made in targeted schemes to not only encourage young people to participate in sport but also make it affordable for them to do so.

 It was an innovative SNP Administration that allowed free access to school children to our swimming pools and numbers participating soared with obvious health benefits.

 Now we are seeking to find innovating ways to reproduce this success on a wider range of sporting activities.”

 Cllr McNally also welcomed the SNP motion to up spend on our local parks.

“Our parks are important areas within our communities but have suffered recently from reducing maintenance which has impacted on their quality.

 The lack of facilities in our parks is always one of the top 5 complaints in consultations with the community.

 Spending an additional £160,000 wont resolve all of the problems within our parks but it does demonstrate the SNP;s commitment to parks and places of open spaces.”

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  1. Margaret Differ says:

    If Falkirk Council reduced their prices for the gym at Grangemouth Sports Centre, there would be a lot more members. Some of the private gyms in the area are actually cheaper than the Council ran clubs.

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