Local Council elections on May 3rd

Cllr David Alexander


Check now that you are registered to vote at your current address as you will need to be included in the current Register of Electors as at 18th April to be able to vote on May 3rd this year.

The local part of the Register of Electors is available to view in local libraries or you can telephone the Electoral Registration Office on 01786-892289, fax 01786-892255 or email ero@centralscotland-vjb.gov.uk giving your address and who should be registered.

Forms to register are available in your local library or can be requested from the above contacts.

It is particularly important that you check as every year electors are removed when they do not respond to the annual voter registration forms posted in the autumn or fail to apply to register when they move address.  Not being registered will prevent you from voting on May 3rd and in future elections and referendums as well as affecting your credit rating.

Being away on polling day, unable to get to your polling station or too busy to vote are the reasons most often stated for not voting in an election. Therefore don’t lose your vote in these elections apply NOW to vote by post if you want to vote by this option and are not already an existing postal voter. Forms are available in local libraries or can be downloaded from www.aboutmyvote.co.uk.

The last possible date for an application to be in time to apply to vote by post (by 5pm) or to register in time for voting on May 5th is April 18th.

More information on the council elections which are STV (single transferable vote) elections where you vote using the numbers 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 etc. to rank the candidates in order of your preference and on your polling place will be available on www.falkirk.gov.uk

Future registration enquires
If you have not already supplied an email address please email your name and address to ero@centralscotland-vjb.gov.uk in order that the annual enquiry can be emailed to verify the current eligible electors in June/July and save the costs of printing and posting forms to you (approx. 50p each house). The email enquiry will be send from the email address “Electoral Service [ no-reply@elecreg.co.uk]”

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