Labour Lose Last Vote In Falkirk Council Before Elections

Stephen Carleschi

A disjointed and dispirited Labour Party lost the last vote taken within the final council meeting before the May Falkirk Council elections after their long term allies in the Tory Party and the Independent, Alex Waddell  rebelled against their Labour partners.

The issue was over the cut price sale of council land in Grangemouth but more significantly was the splits and divisions that became evident as the matter was debated. Council Leader, Craig Martin, in best Labour tradition, took for granted that the Tories and Independent Councillors would blindly follow his lead and vote to sell of at less than market value.

However, only the sycophantic Billy Buchanan stayed loyal to Labour with the vote going 15 – 13 against Labour.

Speaking after the meeting Tryst Councillor Steven Carleschi said,

The arrogance shown by the Labour leaders on this issue demonstrates that they are not fit to hold office.

 To see Labour’s allies in the Tory and Independent Groups plead with Labour not to take their votes for granted and for Labour to do just that tells its own story.

 It is therefore ironic that the last act of a discredited administration who has excelled in mediocrity should be to fail to deliver a decision after a rebellion from within their own ranks.

 Labour are becoming a toxic brand and the writing is on the wall for them in the May 3 poll.”


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  1. Robert Spears says:

    Good of you to bring this to the attention of a wider public.

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