SNP Pledge To Tell The People Of Bonnybridge The Facts

Cllr Tom Coleman

Councillor Tom Coleman, who topped the poll in the Larbert / Bonnybridge Ward in 2007, has pledged to inform the people of the true facts of the last five years after the self styled Independent Councillor, Billy Buchanan issued a leaflet full of untruths and smears.

In his leaflet the Independent Councillor, who has been involved in a pact with Labour for the past 8 years,  wrongly and maliciously claims the SNP voted against £60,000 investment in a Bonnybridge play park. The money concerned is part of the SNP’s alternative  budget and was warmly welcomed by Cllr Coleman in his speech as the only true investment in a £160,000 package of proposals from the council that achieved “added value”, the remaining £100,000 being spent by the current Labour led Administration on general maintenance across Falkirk district.

What the SNP sought was better value for the remaining £100,000 of public money ear marked by the SNP for real improvements in our  parks but denied because of the lack of vision and ambition of Labour and Billy Buchanan.

Tom Coleman said,

“Billy Buchanan described my actions of questioning the use of £100,000 of money won by the SNP as a scandal.

The scandal is that had the SNP not fought for and won an amendment to Billy Buchanan’s budget not a single penny would have been spent in Bonnybridge. That demonstrates that despite  being at the centre of the Labour led Administration for the last five years he has singularly failed to bring any benefits to the people of Bonnybridge.

Instead Councillor Buchanan should explain to every pensioner who now has to pay for Homecare, the Home Shopping Service or their Mobile Emergency Care Alarms why he voted for these new charges when they were free to those that needed them under the SNP.

Perhaps he should also explain why on four separate occasions he has voted against resources for the regeneration of Bonnybridge Town Centre, three times against making a case for the Bonnybridge Railway Station as well as explaining to hard pressed families why he has voted to increase the price of school meals by over 70%.

However, the real scandal is why Billy Buchanan swapped his Independent status for the position of Convenor of the Planning Committee and the additional allowance this brings to him at the price of being under the Labour whip.

 That is a series of facts that clearly are panicking Councillor Buchanan hence his most recent outlandish claims and bizarre behaviour”




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