SNP Lodge Papers For A Record Number Of Candidates

The SNP have lodged a record 18 sets of nomination papers for the Falkirk Council elections on May 3, two more than Labour and double the number of Tory candidates.

Indeed, Labour on 16 candidates are openly relying on their pact with the Tories to remain in power.

The SNP on the other hand have ruled out a joint administration with the Tories.

Nomination papers were lodged a full week before the deadline in a show of strength from a party buoyed by both opinion poll ratings and early feedback from the campaign.

SNP Group Leader, David Alexander explained,

In the week of the budget for the millionaires the people of Falkirk district re telling us they are disgusted with the Labour Party for their alliance with the Tories.

 The Liberals paid a high price for their Westminster coalition with the Tories and early indications are that Labour will do likewise in Falkirk s people view this as a sell-out.

 Truth be told Labour and the Tories have worked well together and that comes as no surprise to the SNP as both parties are close together on the policy front.

 It is only the SNP who can deliver change for the people from the Tory dictate we have witnessed in the last five years.

 Our vision is of a fairer Falkirk where those who require most assistance receive the lions share and where people don’t have to choose between heating or eating.

 Labour have abandoned these people but we wont which is why the SNP are the only party looking to win these elections outright.”


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