SNP Offer Support To Falkirk Pensioners After Tory And Labour Double Whammy

Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn

Falkirk pensioners are facing a double whammy with the news that they face tax rises thanks to this weeks Tory Budget from Westminster while facing a host of new charges at the hands of Falkirk Council’s Labour / Tory coalition Administration.

The SNP nationally has issued a challenge to the Scottish Tories over the Chancellor’s tax grab on pensioners urging the party to speak out for pensioners in Scotland who have been hit by the raid to fund a tax-cut for millionaires.

SNP Work and Pensions spokesperson Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP questioned
whether the Prime Minister’s Scottish adviser, Andrew Dunlop, who
helped usher in the poll tax, had been involved in the development of
this tax policy.

In Falkirk the SNP have pledged to scrap the next phase of new charges for essential services planned by the current Labour / Tory Coalition.

This promise will be contained in the SNP’s manifesto which is due to be unveiled next month.

The SNP will also give a commitment to raise the income level before current charges kick in to protect the lowest paid pensioners.

Commenting on the plight of pensioners SNP Social Services spokesperson, Cecil Meiklejohn said.

Pensioners in general have had a hard time recently from both the Westminster Government and Labour led Falkirk Council who appear to have targeted them for real cuts.

 New local charges for such as Homecare and Mobile Emergency Care Service have now been added to with the abolition of the Age Allowance and cuts in Housing Benefit.

 Contrast this with the SNP who have frozen pensioners Council Tax bills for the last six years and abolished Labour’s original charges for MECS and Homecare while we were in power within Falkirk Council between 2001 and 2007.

 Both Labour and the Tories have abandoned Falkirk’s elderly population; next month will show that the SNP most definitely have not.”



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