Labour Double Standards Over Eric Joyce Exposed

Cllr David Alexander

The SNP has exposed double standards within the Falkirk Labour Party’s after it was discovered several senior party figures including Councillor Gerry Goldie remain employed by the disgraced MP, Eric Joyce.

This despite claims that local Labour leaders had cut ties with the MP who has brought shame to the area and places a major questionmark over just how hard Labour leaders, both locally and nationally have, sought to force Mr Joyce to stand down leaving Labour facing a by-election they would be likely to lose.

At least two senior Falkirk Labour officials are directly employed by Joyce including May McIntyre who has been Joyce’s office manager since his election in 2000 and is a prominent member of the local party.

However, it is the continued employment of the Labour’s most senior  Councillor, Gerry Goldie, brother of Labour’s defeated candidate for the Holyrood Parliament, Dennis Goldie that has raised suspicions in SNP circles.

Commenting on the situation Falkirk Council SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

“In the last few weeks the Labour spin machine has been working overtime to distance itself from their MP, Eric Joyce.

We have seen senior Labour Councillors and council candidates desperately trying to disassociate themselves from Mr Joyce as panic set in over their own electoral prospects in May.

However, the news that at least two senior Labour figures including Falkirk’s longest serving Labour Councillor, Gerry Goldie, are still on the payroll of Mr Joyce despite the fact the MP no longer officially sits as a Labour MP represents double standards on Labour’s part.

 Many people are sceptical over local Labour’s calls for Joyce to stand down now from his position as MP for Falkirk as they believe Labour would not hold the seat in the subsequent by-election. It should be remembered that Joyce’s entry into parliament was on the back of a narrow 700 majority at the Falkirk West by-election in 2000.

At that time the SNP were at low ebb compared to our position now as Scotland’s leading party in the polls.

If Councillor Gerry Goldie is still on the payroll then this  tells us that Eric Joyce is still very much attached to the Falkirk Labour Party and that will anger the people of Falkirk as it demonstrates that Labour are less than sincere in their claims to have severed all ties with Eric Joyce.”



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  1. What would anybody expect from the Labour party they still cant get it into their heads that they are no longer invincible,and are no longer in power.Looks like Joyce is still puling strings,and is this double jobs,in a time of austerity one job could go to somebody else that needs it and not for the greedy socialist is that right a socialist,seems more like a capitalist way of life.

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