Anger as Parliamentary Question Reveals 761 Sulphur Dioxide Breaches in Grangemouth

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald has reacted angrily to the revelation by the Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson that there have been a total of 761 breaches of the Sulphur Dioxide Mean Objective since the Air Quality Management Area was declared in Grangemouth in 2005.

 Angus MacDonald asked the following question in the Scottish Parliament last week:

  “To ask the Scottish Government how many breaches of the sulphur dioxide 15-minute mean objective, as specified in the Air Quality (Scotland) Regulations 2000, have taken place since the Grangemouth Air Quality Management Area was declared in November 2005.”

The exchange between the Environment Minister and Angus MacDonald can be viewed here:

 Speaking after the exchange with the Environment Minister Angus MacDonald said:

 “I was completely astounded by the magnitude of the number of SO2 breaches in Grangemouth since 2005. While the action being taken by Ineos is welcome, even just one breach of the sulphur dioxide 15-minute mean objective is one breach too many.

I deliberately raised the issue of the proposed 100 MW biomass plant to highlight there could well be an issue with air quality should the electricity plant get the go-ahead.”

I will be meeting with senior SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) officials in the near future to which I will highlight my serious concerns.

One S02 breach is one breach too many and I will keep the pressure on to ensure the number of exceedences are reduced significantly, if not completely.”


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