SNP To Target Jobs In Manifesto Launch

Martin Oliver

An incoming SNP administration will target job creation and growth within the economy the public will be told when the party launches its manifesto on 16 April for the Falkirk Council elections being held on May 3.With unemployment in Falkirk now above both the Scottish and UK levels after the SNP reduced the local rate to below both with the award winning My Future’s in Falkirk economic development strategy.

However, from being an award winner at national and international level Falkirk Council has become moribund to the extent that while unemployment was coming down in Scotland throughout 2011 it rose in most months in Falkirk.

With successes such as The Small Business Bonus, the establishment of 3  new business incubators and the attraction of over £1billion of private sector investment the SNP ahs the track record in innovation in the development of the local economy.

Full details of SNP proposals will be released on 16th April but the Nationalists will outline key changes that includes,

  • The inclusion of outside talented people on the council’s Economic Development Committee.
  • Changes to the councils scheme of selling off commercial premises to switch the balance towards sitting tenants.
  • A full review and refreshment of My Future’s in Falkirk.
  • A greater emphasis on tackling youth unemployment.

Current SNP Economic Development spokesperson, Martin Oliver said,

“Our challenge is to not only turnaround the local economy but also change an ethos within Falkirk Council that is strangling innovation and holding back local people and local businesses.

Sadly Falkirk has reverted to the mindset of “if you don’t do anything you don’t do anything wrong”.

It is a traditional flaw under Labour control but one that we had hoped would not be repeated when Labour returned to power in 2007. however, the agendas for the Economic Development Committee are generally painfully thin.

That situation ahs to change and the SNP will make that change starting with the manifesto launch on the 16th.”


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