SNP Welcome Dennis Canavan Support for ‘YES’ Campaign


Michael Matheson MSP

The SNP have given a warm welcome to the announcement from respected former independent MSP – and Labour MP – Dennis Canavan that he will back a ‘yes’ vote in the independence referendum, and his offer to campaign alongside the SNP.

Interviewed in today’s Scotsman, Mr Canavan contrasts his many years at Westminster with his 8 years at Holyrood, saying that the latter was “much more democratic and responsive to the needs of the aspirations of the people of Scotland.”

Mr Canavan also states that independence would help deliver “higher standards of social justice” in Scotland.

Commenting on the announcement, Falkirk West MSP Michael Matheson – who was himself endorsed at the last election by Mr Canavan – said:

“This is a very welcome announcement. Mr Canavan is one of the most respected figures in Scottish politics, known by many in my constituency and across Scotland as someone not afraid to speak out for what he believes.

Having spent all of his political life campaigning on matters of social justice, Mr Canavan rightly points out that the powers of independence can lead to a more socially just  Scotland.

Rather than Tory rule from Westminster, it would be much better if the decisions affecting Scotland were taken by those who care about Scotland most – the people living here.

Mr Canavan is a man of huge political experience and I for one would certainly welcome his involvement in the ‘yes’ campaign in the run-up to the referendum.”

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