SNP To Build More Council Houses

Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn

The SNP are to commit Falkirk Council to the largest council house building programme since the 1980’s if they win a majority in next months local authority elections.

Changes to the Right to Buy legislation brought in by the SNP Government has made new council houses a reality for the first time in more than a generation.

Generous government grants have also been paid to Falkirk Council totalling almost £5m and yet Falkirk has been one of the slowest authorities to take advantage of opportunities.

Now the SNP will commit to a major house building programme when they unveil their manifesto on 16 April at the Falkirk Stadium.

Said SNP Housing and Social Care spokesperson, Cecil Meiklejohn,

No matter which way we look at the housing situation we come to the same conclusion, there isn’t enough affordable rented accommodation in Falkirk.

 Through Labour’s mismanagement we have 11,000 private houses approved by Planning and a few dozen public sector houses.

 They have got the balance hopelessly wrong so the emphasis must now switch to providing affordable rented houses.

 That is why the SNP will switch the emphasis in the Planning process to Public Sector Housing  with the largest new house building programme since the 1980’s.

 To many of our citizens are without appropriate housing and the SNP will make it our priority to improve the availability of affordable rented accommodation during the period of the next council.”

 The full details of the SNP manifesto will be published on this web site on the 16th of April.


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3 Responses to SNP To Build More Council Houses

  1. Sylvia Blair says:

    I think that Falkirk Council should look at the houses in areas where they own very few houses in a street and sell them off to bring in revenue to build new cost effective energy efficient estates. Would be nuch easier to maintain and everyone would be kept the same instead of the miss-match that exists now. This would bring an overall improvement to each street and give the council more teeth when things go wrong as oft they do with neighbours when adjacent property requires repair..

  2. Hayley leitch says:

    The council needs to think about who is actually going into these houses! Many of their tenants are paying no or little rent/council tax how can that be sustainable, I have been on every list on two councils for many years as has my husband and have never been offered a house any where. I think that the selection process is flawed and stops people who are genuine getting a house within the best part of a decade.

  3. Cecil Meiklejohn says:

    Falkirk council’s allocation policy is does not enable ease of move for existing tenants, but will be looked at in detail should there be an SNP administration after May 3rd. If you want change then vote SNP in the local elections.

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