SNP To Confirm No Joint Administration With The Tories

Cllr David Alexander

The SNP will reiterate a pledge not to set up a joint Administration with the Tories in the event of a hung council after the May 3 elections when they unveil their manifesto on 16 April.

At present Falkirk Council is run by a joint pact between Labour, the Tories and two former Independent Councillors, a pact that has alienated thousands of traditional Labour voters suffering at the hands of David Cameron’s Tory Government.

The SNP have described the Labour / Tory pact as “a betrayal of the most vulnerable in our community” and ruled out a similar pact in the event of a hung council when all the votes are counted on May 4.

Making the pledge SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

“”The SNP with 18 candidates for the 32 seats are the only party trying to win this election in Falkirk.

Labour with 16 are clearly relying on their pact with the Tories to keep them in power despite the damage being done to the lives of countless numbers of our citizens at the hands of the Westminster Tory Government.

In the last few months we have witnessed attacks on the benefits system, the dismantling of public services, cuts in both pensions and pensioners tax relief, removal of tax incentives for charities while the tax bills of the super rich have been slashed by the Tories.

Labour may be comfortable signing up for such a programme, remember Alistair Darling’s comments about Labour cutting deeper than Thatcher, but the SNP most definitely isn’t.

 Politics must be about principals and the SNP are about protecting the most vulnerable within our society.

 That is why we will respect the rights of all 32 Councillors to play a part in representing their political views but there can not be a joint SNP / Tory Administration and it is important that people receive that assurance before casting their vote.

 I would challenge Labour to match that commitment but we know they would fail. Both Labour and the Tories share a common policy portfolio and so are natural bedfellows which is one reason why Labour know they cant win outright on May 3.”




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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    The best way to ensure that the Tories play no part in the next administration is not to give them any of your preferences. Its unrealistic to expect a Labour-free zone in Falkirk South but we can help to oust the Tories by voting SNP 1 and 2 then Independent 3 and 4.

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