False Claims Show Labour Campaign In Disarray.

Cllr Tom Coleman

Proof that Labour’s campaign for the Falkirk Council elections is in disarray came within a Labour Party leaflet that claims credit for high profile SNP achievements from the previous SNP led council Administration.

In a leaflet circulated by the leader of the Labour / Tory coalition, Craig Martin, the out of touch Labour Leader claimed credit for the four new high schools delivered by the SNP up to 2007.

The final contract to build the schools was signed liberally hours before Labour won the cut of the cards as officers were concerned that Craig Martin’s Labour Group would sabotage the Community Schools Programme having opposed the programme throughout in favour of the discredited Private Finance Initiative model.

Martin also makes the claim that the first council houses built since the 1980’s came under the Labour / Tory Coalition despite it being confirmed at a recent council meeting that the first council houses since the 1980’s were built by the SNP in 2005/06 financial year.

This was despite Labour opposition to the SNP bid by Labour MSPs who blocked the large scale construction of council houses due to Labour’s support for the anti public sector policies of the Conservative Party.

Commenting on Labour’s false claims the man who piloted the schools construction, Tom Coleman said,

“We know the Labour campaign is in trouble when they have to claim credit for SNP gains in order to give the impression they achieved anything at all in the five years they and their Tory allies were in power.

 Not only were Labour not responsible for the four new Community High Schools but they opposed their construction throughout the planning process.

 Some may look on the false  Labour claims as contempt for not only the truth and the electorate. While that is true I view them as the last desperate act of a doomed administration that is now admitting they achieved nothing in the five years they were in office and therefore have nothing to offer on May 3.”



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2 Responses to False Claims Show Labour Campaign In Disarray.

  1. David Alexander says:

    Noticed that Craig was saying they were committed to introducing the Living Wage. How long have they talked about that.

  2. Brian McCabe says:

    I notice that the genuine(sic) independent councillor, Alex Waddell, has ALSO claimed to have SIGNIFICANTLY contributed to the 4 new Community High Schools and 2 new Primary Schools. This will be the “independent” councillor who formed a pact with Craig Martin and his Labour acolytes on the understanding that he become Deputy Leader and Convenor of the Education Committee. A novice councillor, immediately thrust into 2 of the most senior positions of the council? Have these people no shame? No integrity? No moral scruples? “What’s in it for Me! Me! Me!” It quite clearly demonstrates the depths of despair of a bankrupt and inept Labour administration. The sooner Mr Waddell, Mr Martin and the rest are removed, the better. There is not a single acknowledgement anywhere within his election leaflet to the sterling work carried out by local groups, activists or single minded people. He should be ashamed at such bare-faced duplicity.

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