SNP Welcome Opinion Poll Boost Ahead Of Local Elections

Georgie Thomson

The SNP in Falkirk has welcomed the findings of three national opinion polls that show the SNP well ahead of the other parties in voting intentions for the next Westminster election.

The UK General Election has proved in the past to be the contest that the SNP find most difficult to force a breakthrough in but the polls show an average 16% lead over Labour and is a massive boost for the SNP just a few weeks away from elections to Falkirk Council.

Traditionally the SNP poll much better in Scottish Parliamentary and Local Government elections and so the high return for the SNP is viewed as significant in that context.

The analysis of the Scottish samples of three polls published today has shown Westminster voting intentions at 45 per cent for the SNP – 16 points ahead of Labour on 29%.

Commenting, SNP Candidate for Falkirk South, Georgie Thomson said:

“These results reflect the experiences on the doorsteps of Falkirk South and are a massive boost to our campaign locally.

People are recognising that SNP candidates work hard for their communities and don’t seek power for powers sake.

The results indicate to what extent the people of Scotland are turning away from the relentless negativity of the three opposition parties and, once again, people locally are telling us they like our positive outlook over the negativity of our opponents.

With the Local Authority elections just a few weeks away the poll findings must be as worrying for them as it is invigorating for the SNP.

However, while the poll is a boost it won’t make us complacent. Colin Chalmers and I will still be working as hard as ever to deliver two SNP Councillors in Falkirk South to play our part in ending the Labour / Tory Coalition Administration that has been so bad for particularly the most vulnerable within our communities.”

Notes: 1) The combined results for the Scottish subsamples of three of the polls published today give the following result in Westminster voting intentions (with changes from 2010 election in brackets):

SNP 45% (+25.4%)
Lab 29% (-13.3%)
Con 12% (-4.4%)
LD 7% (-11.6%)
Other 6% (3.5%)

Angus Reid fieldwork: 12th – 13th April 2012; Populus fieldwork: 13th – 15th April 2012; YouGov fieldwork: 15th – 16th April 2012; Combined total sample: 420

2) Lib Dems trail UKIP in YouGov poll


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  1. Joe Bruce says:

    Is it any wonder the LibDems are placed so low? They havnae got the bottle to field any candidates in most council wards including all of Falkirkshire.

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