SNP call for investigation into Tory councillor’s behaviour

David Alexander

Falkirk Council’s Chief Executive, Mary Pitcaithly has been asked to investigate allegations that Tory Councillor, Malcolm Nicol, manhandled a member of staff in front of astonished onlookers in Grangemouth town centre.

The incident is alleged to have happened in the town’s Daisy Chain Gift Shop on Thursday 3rd March when the veteran Tory Councillor entered the premises and confronted a member of the council’s staff who was engaged at that time with the shop’s proprietor.

Nicol, who has a shop close by returned to the premises a few minutes latter and is alleged to have grabbed the employee snapping the staff member’s council land-yard.

Mr Nicol is believed to have apologised for his actions to the proprietor of the Daisy Chain but not the staff member himself.

The matter was reported to the employees line manager but no action has been taken by the council to date.

Commenting on the matter SNP Group Leader, David Alexander said,

This is a very serious matter and one that can not be allowed to be swept under the carpet by the Labour / Tory coalition just because Mr Nicol is a major spokesperson for the Labour led coalition.

Mr Nicol is fortunate that the staff member did not seek the intervention of the police but that must not stop the council carrying out a full and open investigation.

If it is found that Mr Nicol did physically manhandle a member of staff then Mr Nicol must be thrown out of the ruling Administration and stripped of his position as convenor of the Licensing Board and Civic Licensing Committee. It would be bizarre if council leaders allowed Mr Nicol to sit in judgement of taxi drivers, licensees when he is clearly not fit to judge others.

If Labour fail to take action against their partner then the message sent to staff is that the interests of the Labour led administration are more important than staff wellbeing and that would be the final insult from this disastrous administration.”

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