Bonnybridge Deserves Better

That’s the message to Bonnybridge residents after an extraordinary leaflet was posted through through the doors of Bonnybridge homes by madcap Councillor, Billy Buchanan.

The self styled Independent Councillor has embarrassed even his Labour Party colleagues whom he has been tied to since he was thrown out of the SNP / Independent Administrations for “Planning transgressions” in 2005.

In what one Labour Councillor described as “the foulest political leaflet” he had ever seen, Buchanan indulges in personal attacks against all of the other candidates standing in the ward, with the exception of Labour’s Linda Gow.

Buchanan opens up with the line “when you stand for election you underline your good character and morals and by doing so put yourself firmly in the public eye.” He then goes on to say “Look inside at this lot”.

On the inside pages Buchanan seeks to smear SNP candidates, Tom Coleman and Lynda Kenna as well as fellow Independent, Chris Harley whom he describes as a “fraudster” after he over claimed benefit while self employed.

What Mr Buchanan fails to declare is that he remains the only Councillor to have had to repay expenses falsely claimed against Falkirk Council in the past, a figure believed to be around £400.

However, it is the smearing of both SNP candidates, Tom Coleman and Linda Kenna that has angered the SNP leadersip.

In his rant headed the SNP Gallery of Shame Cllr Buchanan says of Tom Coleman “this individual has done nothing for our community in six years in power and even less in the five years in opposition.

In power, Tom Coleman was Convenor of the Committee that delivered for the children of Bonnybridge two brand new state of the art Secondary Schools which Billy Buchanan campaigned against.

He also delivered a spanking brand new library when the hapless Buchanan was campaigning for a refurbishment of the old library.

Against Lynda Kenna Buchanan indulges in lies, smears and exaggerations that discredits more than Mr Buchanan himself but brings discredit to the whole political process.

SNP Group Leader David Alexander said,

Billy Buchanan has been a Councillor for 20 years so you would think that he would want to fill his leaflets with positive achievements from himself.

 Clearly he is hard put to find any achievements and so has resorted to the worst kind of personal abuse I have witnessed in more than 30 years in politics.

 Not that this type of behaviour is new to Cllr Buchanan, remember he is the only Councillor in the history of Falkirk Council to have an injunction served on him by his own council for making outrageous claims against a senior member of staff and a former Labour Councillor and Parliamentary candidate.

 The cost of that action was met by the public purse but the real price to pay for Mr Buchanan’s behaviour is in the loss of credibility of the democratic process itself.

 Perhaps the most significant action was his failure to attend a hustings organised by the Community Council. At that hustings Cllr Buchanan could have made his comments to the faces of those he is smearing and heard their response.

 However, like all cowards he chose not to attend but instead spread his bile through the letterboxes of the people of Bonnybridge.

 I think those people deserve better.”

  •  Billy Buchanan badmouths Chris Harley for being a former SNP member. Mr Buchanan is also a former SNP member, former Labour Party member and current Member of the “Independent / Conservative Alliance.
  • He describes himself as “an Independent Councillor” but is the only Independent Councillor to have supported Labour in every single vote in the council chambers.
  • Billy Buchanan holds the balance of power in the council and could have demanded benefits for his community as a price of his support for a Labour led Administration.  Instead, he asked for the paid position of Convenor of Planning,  according to the local press.
  • In the last five years he has voted against the council making a case to the Scottish Government for a Railway Station for Bonnybridge on three separate occasions.
  • During the last four budgets he has voted against SNP proposals that would have benefitted Bonnybridge.
  • As Convenor of Planning more applications for private housing have been approved against the Local Plan than any previous regime.
  • Billy Buchanan was described as “a developers delight” by a fellow Independent following a series of amendments he sought to make that would have resulted in even more private housing.

All of the above are available for scrutiny and relate to the accountability of his actions. That is democracy, not the personal abuse directed at others by this former Independent.


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2 Responses to Bonnybridge Deserves Better

  1. linda mctaggart says:

    im shocked and disgusted by billy buchanan, how could he possibly think by putting gross lies and nasty statements about other candidates is going to get him votes.he should hang his head in shame!!.he has lost my vote as he didnt use his leaflet to inform me what he was/wanted to do in future.all he done was accuse and in my words slander others.being honest i wouldnt vote or give my support to a man who is so totally wrong to have councillor status.

  2. Anne MacDonald says:

    I have to admit that I didn’t believe some of the stuff about Billy but friends who work for Falkirk Council have confirmed the content. Quite frankly I am disgusted with him.

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