Labour Caught Out In No Redundancy Claim

SNP Candidate for Grangemouth, David Balfour, has exposed Labour claims that they have avoided compulsory redundancies as bogus after in transpired that a number of staff at Trading Standards had been paid off by the local authority as part of the Labour / Tory cuts in services.

A former member of staff  approached the SNP member after receiving a Labour leaflet through their door from Depute Provost, Allison Black claiming that the Labour / Tory Administration had avoided the use of compulsory redundancies. This was despite a change of policy that allows for redundancies, a policy change pushed through by the Labour Party and their Tory allies..

However, the information provided by former council staff has concluded that labour’s claim is more spin than substance with staff being exited through the back door.

Said Mr Balfour,

“I am grateful to the former Trading Standards Officers who have blown the whistle on Labour’s deceit towards the staff and the public.

 What this proves is that we cant rely on anything the Depute Provost says or does as clearly the information contained in her leaflets is open to challenge.

 What is required is a level of honesty so far missing from dealings to date within Falkirk Council.”


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