SNP Candidate Welcomes Petition For A Fuel Price Regulator

Falkirk South SNP candidate, Colin Chalmers, has welcomed the setting up of a national petition to press the UK government to establish a “Fuel Duty Regulator” as the price of petrol and diesel local passes the £1.40p per litre.

Despite the fact 90% of the UK oilfields are in Scottish waters and Grangemouth contributes 25% of Scotland’s GDP mainly though the Petro Chemicals industry the price motorists are paying at the pumps ahs rocketed.

Colin Chalmers said,

“Taxation accounts for around 85% of the cost of a litre of petrol with around 12% to the producers and a miserly 3% average for the garage owners so it is obvious who controls the cost of fuel.

 With the Tory Government planning another tax hike in the summer the problems for local motorists will escalate and hard pressed families will, once again, be hit in the pockets.

 To make matters worse, each time transport costs rise the prices in the shops rise. At present inflation is standing at 3.5% annually yet many workers face pay freezes or even cuts so hard pressed families face a double Westminster Whammy.

 The SNP Fuel Duty Regulator will stabilise the cost at the pumps by reducing taxation when oil prices rise and increasing taxation only when oil prices drop.

 This proposal also takes the uncertainty out of the  tax take for the Treasury as when direct taxation drops the VAT take rises.

 I would urge anyone who agrees with the SNP policy of regulating the price of fuel at the pumps to support the national petition and send a clear message to Westminster.”

 Follow the link below to the SNP national petition,


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