About us

The SNP is a democratic, moderate left of centre political party committed to the restoration of Scottish Independence.

We contest election at all levels and currently have 6 elected MPs to the Westminster Parliament, 69 MSPs in Holyrood, 2 Members of the European Parliament and 365 elected Councillors throughout Scotland.

We are committed to the restoration and improvement of Public Services and have the policies to allow Scottish business to bloom.

Unlike New Labour our party is built from the bottom up with grass roots members joining their local branch and formulating policy through discussion, debate and agreement. Every area of Falkirk and district is covered by a branch near you and new members are always made welcome (for more information about membership of the SNP click here).

Each branch of the party sends delegates to the local Constituency Association as well as to policy making national forums such as our National Council which meets three times a year and Annual Conference.

Membership costs £12 per year for those in work and £5 per year for those not in full time employment.

If you care about the government of our country and believe that Scotland should be free to determine our own priorities then there is a place for you in the SNP.