The SNP’s longest serving Councillor, David Alexander, has accused Falkirk Tories of hiding from the people after the party led by Prime Minister Theresa May failed to turn up to a host of local hustings meetings throughout Falkirk.

The Prime Minister has also refused to debate with other party leaders for the General Election which takes place five weeks after the local elections for which these hustings meetings were organised by various local groups. Continue reading

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SNP Team For Falkirk Council Elections Named

Women are to the fore in the SNP team for the May 4 poll for Falkirk Council with 8 female candidates from a total of 15 for the 9 wards to be contested under the Single Transferable Votes (STV) system of election.

Some familiar faces will be missing from the ballot papers, Sandy Turner, Stephen Bird, Steven Carleschi, Colin Chalmers, Martin Oliver and Steven Jackson. Continue reading

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Labour And Tories in Council Budget Shambles

At Falkirk Council’s Budget Meeting outgoing leader, Craig Martin, could not resist adopting the speech he had regurgitated the previous six years.

It starts with a six month campaign to build up the bleakest position imaginable on the horizon with the big bad SNP Government on the receiving the blame for the impending doom. Then come budget day the Administration leader claims they have performed miracles to preserve jobs and services.

This year Martin listed a whole host of policy u-turns by the administration and spend commitments that he attributed to the ability to raise Council Tax by 3%.

It was pointed out that with the Council Tax Freeze Falkirk Council received an additional £1.8m while the 3% Council Tax rise amounted to an additional £1.7m.

Continue reading

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Labour & Tories Pact Becoming A Merger

A leaked memo from the Labour Party in the Braes area of Falkirk has delivered a damming synopsis of both Labour’s tactics and prospects ahead of May’s elections to Falkirk Council.

In 2012 the Upper Braes Ward was the deciding result with Labour taking 2 of the 3 seats in a tightly contested campaign. This left Labour as the biggest party with 14 seats to the SNP’s 13. Continue reading

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Falkirk Council’s SNP Group Leader, Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn, has welcomed the announcement of an additional £3.77m to be allocated to the council’s Revenue Budget following the budget deal done between the minority SNP Government and the Green Party.

In addition the council will receive a further boost to it’s capital budget by around  three quarters of  million additional cash.

Councillor Meiklejohn said, Continue reading

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waspiAround 7,000 local women born after 1951 are set to lose on pension entitlement due to a failure of the Westminster Government  to notify women of changes to National Insurance regulations for 14 years after the change occurred.

Local women activists helped form the campaign group, WASPI who, working through local MP, John McNally were part of a lobby of the UK parliament. The group have raised the profile of the issue and sought the support of Falkirk Council through a motion moved by SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn. Continue reading

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11667942_10203063552948283_569357784_nThe claim that the Labour Party are opposed to Fracking was exposed as a lie by SNP Councillor, Paul Garner, victor of the 2015 Council by-election in the Denny / Banknock Ward.

Councillor Garner, a long term critic of Fracking, had sought to unite the council behind a motion that called for all groups to make their voices heard during the forthcoming public consultation stage of the evidence based review of the process.

The motion he moved was, Continue reading

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westfieldAll of Falkirk’s  SNP Councillors, Cecil Meiklejohn, David Alexander,and Colin Chalmers, along with Falkirk MP John McNally, have “stepped up” their support for Falkirk Football Club, by investing in the club’s new Step Plaque initiative.

All four are season ticket holders at the Falkirk Stadium the Falkirk Councillors and MP now have their names on the steps in the Main Stand. Continue reading

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Labour’s “Grave Concerns” Over Extra Cash For Education

gordon-hughesJust when we thought Labour couldn’t become  more detached from reality we learn that there are no bounds on how low they will sink in the exercise of taking people for granted.

At the Education Executive of Falkirk Council held on 6th of September a report was heard from the council’s Director of Children’s Services, Robert Naylor. The subject being the SNP Government’s proposals to invest another £100m into closing the gap between the children in the lowest income households and the rest. Continue reading

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ann-ritchieThe Bo’ness Branch of the Scottish National Party (SNP) have called on the Labour-led administration at Falkirk Council to reverse their decision to close the local One Stop Shop.

With news that the closure is likely to take effect before the end of this year (2016), fresh calls are being made and local councillor Ann Ritchie is seeking signatures for a petition she intends to present to the leader of Falkirk Council, Craig Martin.

Members of the public can add their support by signing a copy of the petition which is available at shops throughout Bo’ness, including the Ivy Tea Room and Oliphants in the town centre.

Local SNP councillor, Ann Ritchie, commented: Continue reading

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