Michael MathesonFalkirk Council’s Criminal Justice section of Social Works Services is celebrating a welcome double funding boost.

First up was the announcement that Fife and Forth Valley Criminal Justice Authority (CJA) agreed to a change in formula that gives Falkirk additional cash boost, in the current year that amounts to an additional £37,278. Continue reading

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cecil-meiklejohnFalkirk Council SNP Group Leader, Cllr Cecil Meiklejohn, has put out a call to Labour Party members, including Falkirk Council colleagues, to “back the case for independence” in light of the last few weeks events.

A bad result for Labour in the European Community Referendum has not only led to the real prospect of another independence referendum in Scotland but also the collapse of the Labour UK leadership in Westminster. Continue reading

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Transport For Disabled People Cut For The Sake Of £5,100

dial a journeyThe reputation of Falkirk Council for getting priorities wrong took another turn when for the sake of £5,100 they withdrew weekend transport for disabled people.

Dial a Journey I a charity that provides door to day transport for disabled people who are unable to use public transport. For service users Dial a Journey are the difference between isolation and freedom. Continue reading

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imagesThe Scottish National Party in Falkirk would wish to express our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Jo Cox MP.

The horrendous attack on an elected member of the UK Parliament is not just an attack on a hard working MP but an attack on democracy itself.

While it is right to hold our politician to account for their political decisions we should never forget that politicians at all levels spend most of their working time helping people through their casework. Continue reading

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Indecision and Paralysis Hits Falkirk Council Administration

stephen-birdThere was high farce within Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee as Labour members failed to agree amongst themselves as to the future shape of the Refuse Collection Service.

Having already taken a decision to move from the current three week collection to a four week collection in February of this year with an October 1 implementation date a high level policy development panel was set up and met over the subsequent four months to work out how best to implement the changes to the service. Continue reading

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Orange Twist

municipal buildingsAt the last meeting of the Falkirk Council’s Executive Committee a paper was put to Councillors relating to an application for financial assistance submitted by the Orange Order for a grant from the council’s Community Grants Fund.

The paper contained the rules as well as the processes for applicants for the Community Grants Fund. Continue reading

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Cash Strapped Falkirk Council To Subsidise Orange Walk

orangeAt a time when Falkirk Council leader, Craig Martin, was claiming the local authority was facing a £20million shortfall in funding the Labour / Tory coalition administration has agreed to subsidise a forthcoming major Orange Walk through the town on 25 June. Continue reading

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SNP Delight At Labour & Tory U—Turn On Garden Aid

Angus MacDonaldAs predicted the Labour / Tory Coalition running Falkirk Council has performed a significant and highly embarrassing u-turn and reinstated the Garden Aid Scheme for elderly and disabled applicants’ only weeks after withdrawing the budget for the service.

This comes after an overwhelming public condemnation of the actions of the coalition administration with 91% of those who responded, over 1000 people, expressing support for a service introduced in Falkirk by the SNP in 1978.

First to react was SNP candidate for Falkirk East, Angus MacDonald who while welcoming the climb down expressed concerns for the people who had felt pressed to purchase a service from the private sector they could not afford from pensions or state benefits.  Continue reading

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Matheson & MacDonald Welcome Senior Labour Councillor’s Intervention In Election Campaign

Michael MathesonSNP candidates for the Falkirk West and Falkirk East Constituencies, Michael Matheson and Angus McDonald, have welcomed the intervention into the election campaign by senior Labour Councillor, Dennis Goldie.

Speaking in a debate within Falkirk Council Mr Goldie, appeared to concede the May 5 election to the Scottish Parliament.

When further pressed by an SNP member of the council Mr Goldie astounded colleagues, not least the Labour candidate for Falkirk East, Councillor Craig R Martin, who was sitting next to him, when he said, Continue reading

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Labour & Tories To Perform Humiliating U-Turn On Garden Aid

imagesIt appears that only eight weeks after voting to end the Garden Aid Service to elderly and disabled applicants the Labour / Tory coalition running Falkirk Council are about to perform a spectacular u-turn and reintroduce a version of the Garden Aid following an overwhelming vote of no confidence by the general public.

A total of over 1000 responses were received from the general public with a massive 91% opposed to the scrapping of the service. Continue reading

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